How do I make the Switch?

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When do I get my delivery?

S&F Propane offers a keep-full service. S&F Propane considers August-April (depending on weather this could be longer) a heating season. Which means a delivery will be made automatically to your tank when the truck is on route in your designated area. Weather permitting and household usage determine when your delivery will occur, but gennerally, every 6 - 8 weeks is what most customers can expect during the heating season.

When do I pay?

As a keep full service, you must have an authorized form of payment on your account that will automatically be charged after each delivery.

Do you have a Pre-Buy program?

S&F Propane offers Pre-Buy for both new and existing customers. Pre-Buy is a locked in price and will stay consistent throughout the season, it will not change if market price was to fall below it or go above it. Information for Pre-Buy is sent out early August. Included in the information is S&F's recommendation on how much to Pre-Buy; this number is based off of your average annual usage. The Pre-Buy payment is due every year by September 1st. Pre-Buy credit left over at the end of the year will roll over into the following year's Pre-Buy pricing. If you elect to no longer do Pre-Buy the leftover balance at the end of the year can either be refunded or just left as a gas credit on your account.

Can I create my own line of credit?

Yes. You are more than welcome to send payments any time of the month and have that amount applied to your S&F account. You determine the amount each time and the money will accumulate in your account. If at time of delivery you have enough to cover only a portion of the bill the remainder would be do within the net 15 day pay period.

I have alternative heating, how does that affect me?

S&F does not charge more per gallon for "low users". However S&F does need to be efficient with the delivery truck. Your delivery would be placed on a 1 and 4 route. Meaning 1st route of the season (Aug/Sept) and the 4th route of the season (Feb/Mar).

Do I have to pay a Tank Rent?

S&F Propane charges an annual tank rental fee of $85.00 to all customers, regardless of tank size and usage. Tank Rentals are not pro-rated.

What if I need financial assistance with filling my tank?

The Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) has launched a new website to help Michigan residents pay their heating bills. Click here for more information: