Note: On rented equipment, S&F Propane reserves the right to supply the consumer with the adequate size tank per annual usage.​

60 gallon

The 60 gallon tank is typically used for one running appliance (stove, h20, ect.) not including a furnace.​

120 gallon

The 120 gallon tank used for two running appliances (stove, h20, ect.) not including furnace​

330 gallon

The 330 gallon tank is used for alternative heating customers ( wood, corn, pellets, ect.) It is also a good size for barn, whole house generator, and pool heater use.​

500 gallon

The 500 gallon tank is generally used for residential home heating. This is a standard size tank for multiple appliances and furnace. ​

1000 gallon

The 1000 gallon tank is typically used for commercial and agricultural purposes. Home heating customers that use over 1600 gallons a season also tend to have a 1000 gallon tank​

3500 gallon

The 3500 gal tank is generally used for agricultural purposes such as grain drying. ​